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$3M to study genomics of cold tolerance in cereal crops

Saskatoon, SK – Genome Canada is contributing more than $3 million toward a $6-million genomics research project at the University of Saskatchewan, announced Ralph Goodale, Minister of Finance. The project will examine cold tolerance in wheat, barley and rye.

Minister Goodale made the announcement on behalf of David L Emerson, Minister of Industry, who recently announced funding through Genome Canada for 33 research projects across Canada totalling $346-million.

“We are pleased to fund research in this area as fundamental climate conditions have a significant impact on Saskatchewan crops,” said Minister Goodale. “In light of the recent weather conditions, the loss at the farm gate and cost to taxpayers is validation of how critical this research is to our community.”

Dr Brian Fowler, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan Crop Development Centre, will lead the project. The aim is to identify, characterize and use the biological mechanisms governing low temperature adaptation in wheat, barley and rye to improve cold-hardiness in these crops.

Matching dollars from other partners over the next three years are expected to make up the balance of the project’s $6-million budget.