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$1M in grants awarded to advance cellulosic ethanol development

Vancouver, BC – Biochemicals developer Lignol Energy says that its subsidiary, Lignol Innovations has been awarded grants of up to $994,620 from the Alberta government and the National Research Council (NRC), to support the ongoing development and commercialization of its process technology for the conversion of cellulosic biomass into ethanol and other biochemicals.

The grant from the Alberta government of up to $870,000 has been awarded as a part of the government’s biorefining commercialization and market development program. Funds will be applied to the development of pre-treatment and bioconversion technology for agricultural residues, and for market development research of biorefinery product applications.

The NRC grant of up to $124,620 has been awarded as a part of the industrial research assistance program. The funds will be applied to developing process enhancements for the biorefining of softwood.

“These projects are complementary to our core development work plan and accelerate the application of our technology to a broader range of feedstocks,” says Ross Maclachlan, the company’s president & CEO.